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Imaging Technician and Dental Assistant

I enjoy meeting all our patients but especially the younger ones and their parents. I love making kids laugh, helping every patient feel like they’re part of our family, and seeing the end results of treatment! I take the initial and final patient photos along with X-rays and digital scans for diagnostics and treatment planning. I also complete the patient workups for Dr. Collins and Drs. Greer. I’m glad to be part of a great team that creates amazing smiles for our patients!

Outside of work I love going camping and fishing, especially with my two sons, Chris and Jason, and my grandkids!


Dental Assistant

I love watching everyone grow and change as they move through treatment. Seeing a person develop stronger self-esteem and greater confidence as a result of a new smile is the best experience! I work in the clinic where I help patients during visits. I seat and prepare them for their procedure and then sit chairside, assisting Dr. Collins and Drs. Greer while supporting our patient.

In my spare time, I play slow pitch softball and love watching baseball, especially the Texas Rangers! I’ve been married for several years and have two wonderful children, Clayton and Corbin.


Treatment Coordinator

As Treatment Coordinator of our office I meet our new patients and their families at their initial exam. I get to introduce them to the wonderful world of orthodontics and then follow their progress as they develop a great smile! I love being part of a team that changes lives and working in a fun, friendly atmosphere. As I assist Dr. Collins with the new patient exam, I also review the patient's treatment plan options and help them find a financial arrangement that meets their family's needs. I love answering questions and making sure everyone gets off to a great start!

Outside of work I enjoy life with my husband, Jimmy, along with my son Chris and daughter-in-law Lexi, my daughter Mariah and son-in-law Lamar and our wonderful grandsons Jordyn and Braeden. I am also blessed with a wonderful church family at Mighty Wind Worship Center.


Certified and Registered Dental Assistant, Treatment Coordinator, and OSHA Coordinator

I look forward to meeting new patients, walking them through starting treatment, and seeing all the beautiful smiles when they finish! We have a great team: they’re my second family and Dr. Collins is a wonderful orthodontist and friend. In addition to new patient exams and consultations, I provide chairside assistance during different procedures. I’m also the practice OSHA coordinator.

My husband Mike and I have been married more than 25 years. We have two adopted sons, Zachary and Caleb, who are our pride and joy.


Dental Assistant

I love working with our patients and families, Dr. Collins, Drs. Greer, and our team: together, we help people achieve awesome smiles that transform their lives! It’s amazing to watch a person change during treatment. Each becomes more confident and outgoing, more secure in their appearance, and happier. I love being part of that process! Working in the clinic, I assist Dr. Collins and Drs. Greer with patients.

I’ve been happily married to my husband, Robert, for several years. I have an adult daughter, Blair, and two grandkids, Bella and Jett. For more than 20 years I’ve taught aerobic classes at the Waco Family YMCA.


Lab Technician

I love playing a role in creating life-changing, beautiful smiles! Dr. Collins and Drs. Greer are amazing orthodontists and my coworkers are part of my family. We work well together to create great smiles for our patients! I work in our onsite lab, where I create custom appliances for patients. I really enjoy creating the retainers, which patients wear after they finish braces. The retainers ensure patients are able to enjoy a lifetime of wonderful smiles!

Outside of work, I love time with my two sons, James and Shelby.


Scheduling Coordinator

I love seeing patients’ smiles as they arrive for their appointments. Everyone is so excited to show us how much their smile has changed, and just as excited to tell us about their latest adventures! I greet and check in patients, update their records, and at the end of the visit I check them out and schedule their next appointment. I also handle the phones and answer patient and family questions. We have the happiest office, filled with laughter and smiles!

My husband David and I have been married for more than ten years. We have two children, Marlee and Caden, and live in Oglesby. We’re active with the First Baptist Church of Oglesby, love spending time with family, and enjoy traveling.


Dental Assistant

I am a people-person and love getting to know our patients and their families. It’s amazing to watch a person transform, from visit-to-visit, as their smile changes. By the time they’ve finished treatment, they’re happier, confident, and have an incredible smile! I work in the clinic, where I assist Dr. Collins and Drs. Greer as they tend to patients and I sterilize instruments and equipment, too. I also work at the front desk and handle patient records.

I spend most of my free time with my husband, Derek, and our young son, Clayton.


Dental Assistant

I never get tired of seeing the amazing transformation that happens with each patient’s smile. As the patient sees the change in the way they look, they feel better about their appearance and more secure in who they are. It’s incredible to be part of a practice that helps people with healthier, happier lives! We’re one big family here and our patients are part of that family. Working in the clinic, I support patients during various procedures, always checking that they’re relaxed and comfy.

My husband, Dustin, and I have a wonderful son, Drake. We enjoy being outdoors, especially going fishing and riding ATVs, and love time with family and friends.


Scheduling Coordinator

I love talking and laughing with our patients and their parents. We serve the best people and I always enjoy hearing people’s news and stories. Because we see patients often during treatment, we’ve a real chance to get to know each other. Our patients are my friends and I celebrate with them when they achieve their new smile! I work at the front desk, answering the phones, scheduling visits, and answering questions from parents and patients.

In my spare time, I love to travel, compete in triathlons, and spend time with my two sons, whom I adore.


Financial and Insurance Coordinator

I am happy that I help patients get new smiles! Because I meet people at the start of their orthodontic care, I get to follow their progress. Seeing a person feel better about themselves, and how that changes their life, is incredibly rewarding. I handle accounts receivable and insurance matters for the practice. Working closely with patients and parents, we find financial solutions that fit with their budget, so they can achieve life-changing smiles!

My husband Ted and I have been married for more than 25 years. We have three children, Zak, Braden, and Macy. Now that our kids are grown, Ted and I are loving being able to travel!



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